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90 Day Sprint SME

Our initial Sales Cardio facilitation is ending. and you have a decision to make. Do you amp it up, or do you wrap it up?

Over the past 28 days momentum has been created, as an organisation your sales fitness has improved.

You are likely curious as to what a next step may look like?

For some your journey will end here.

Momentum has been created over the past 28 days, your team has some basic scripting, they understand the value of frame control, they will be more confident. You will continue your sales journey on your own.

For a majority of clients, you have not come this far to only come this far. You have accomplished a lot in 28 days, your team is engaged, they are excited about selling, you can see it, sales conversations have structure, conversions are starting to rise.

Imagine what can be achieved with more focus, more one on one coaching and clear individual and team goals everyone commits too.

What is the next step?

The next step in the Sales Cardio journey is anything but a step, you are already jogging but the next step involves a sprint.

A 90-day sprint.

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The 90 Day Sprint

Together we have set the framework. Now over 90 days we work more intensely to achieve measurable results. We know you and your team so we tailor the 90-day sprint to individuals who will benefit the most from more intensive individual and group coaching.

We review your sales process and add structure, scripting, and flow. We do the work we could not have done previously. We continue to hold accountability. We become part of your team.

But a note before you choose this next step. The 90-day sprint is not for the faint of heart.

The structure

  • Set individual 90-day achievement goals
  • Set 90-day company targets
  • Conduct 1 x 30-minute individual one on one coaching session for each talent member at start of each month
  • Conduct 1 x 60-minute group session once per month to review, coach and re-set
  • Provide all additional support as required, phone, email, addition individual or group connections.
  • View and provide feedback on any recorded sales/discovery calls that are available
  • Hold accountability monthly to performance metrics set.

As everyone in the programme will be facing unique sales challenges the facilitations will be tailored to each team member however the goals remain simple.

Create higher performing sales talent and a cohesive team

SPrint Relays

Some high performing organisations choose to have this as a long-term annual programme. This becomes more of a sprint relay, every 90 days we reset and go again with new goals and objectives.

A sprint relay also gives us the ability to assist with quarterly and annual sales plans, budgets, sales strategies, and more intense sales management with your team.

NB: on some occasions it may become obvious that the talent member on the programme is not a good fit for your organisation. In these rare instances we will communicate out thoughts directly with the business owner or CEO.

Numbers are limited

To ensure the integrity and performance of the 90-day sprint we limit this facilitation to a maximum of four organisations at any time. As a result, commencement dates may vary depending on workload.

Skin in the game

Just like our initial sales cardio facilitation, the 90-day sprint also has a money back “skin in the game guarantee”

If after 90 days you are not satisfied with the results that have been obtained, providing the team have attended all facilitations, a portion of your investment (1 month) will be refunded. This guarantee is valid for each 90-day sprint during the period we work together.

On your marks, get set...

If you are intrigued by the concept of the 90-day sprint and would like to “amp things up” rather than “wrap it up” – click the link and let’s discuss what a next step may look like.