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90 Day Sprint

Just because our initial Sales Cardio facilitation has concluded does not mean our time together has ended.

Over the past 60 days your sales team has responded, momentum has been created. Most clients are curious as to what a next step may look like.

Should you take it, It’s not a step, It’s sprint

The one thing all large organisations have in common is you are always onboarding new sales talent while at the same time managing underperforming members of your current sales team.

When you are onboarding new talent on average it takes 6-9 months before they are at their best, crushing their KPIS and monthly revenue targets.

And if you choose to deselect underperforming talent the costs are high, I have recently calculated this at around $60 000.00 (click here for the blog)

Some companies, a least for a while turn a blind eye to poor performers and rely on the “hope” strategy. That one is even costlier!

Imagine if you could turn it all around in just 90 days!

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The 90 Day Sprint


Select 6 members of your team, they can be new recruits or members of your team needing a performance boost.

We work intensely with them for the next 90 days:

  • Set individual 90-day achievement goals with you and/or your sales manager
  • Conduct weekly 30-minute individual one on one coaching sessions (recorded)
  • Conduct 60-minute fortnightly group sessions (recorded)
  • Additional one on one support as required (virtual, email, phone)
  • Weekly and monthly reporting on progress

As everyone in the programme will be facing unique sales challenges the facilitations will be tailored to each team member however the goals remain simple.

Higher performing sales talent

SPrint Relays

Some high performing organisations choose to have this as a long-term programme and rotate 6 individuals every 90 days.

This is mostly via a 360-day sprint relay – a total of 24 individuals over 12 months.

In this case the format remains the same with the ADDITION of a monthly 60-minute group session with those having already completed the sprint.

This extra accountability ensures performance levels are maintained.

NB: on some occasions it may become obvious that the talent member on the programme is not a good fit for your organisation. In these rare instances this will be communicated with you or your sales manager immediately responsible.

Numbers are limited

To ensure the integrity and performance of the 90-day sprint we limit this facilitation to a maximum of four organisations at any time. As a result, commencement dates may vary depending on workload.

Skin in the game

Just like our initial sales cardio facilitation, the 90-day sprint also has a money back “skin in the game guarantee”

If after 90 days you are not satisfied with the results that have been obtained, providing the team have attended all facilitations, a portion of your investment (1 month) will be refunded. This guarantee is valid for each 90-day sprint during the period we work together.

On your marks, get set...

If you are intrigued by the concept of the 90-day sprint and would like to chat through the details, click the link and lets make it happen.