A Sales Cardio® two hour live event

Confident Conversations

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For any employee who talks with a client and occupies a non-sales selling role.

If your team are talking with clients, they need to be able to frame a conversation and communicate effectively – have confident “non-sales” conversations.

They may be challenging conversations; on the lookout for sales opportunities conversations; handling objections or complaints conversations; holding the client accountable for what they have agreed to conversations. All while having fun and portraying the business as a market leader.

The reality is few companies train their team to talk and interact with clients, yet they have more conversations with clients than most sales teams.

Consider a receptionist, apprentice, tradesperson, accounts receivable clerk, accountant, office manager, executive assistant, new employee, design consultant. Think about logistics or warehousing teams, customer service, handling complaints, anyone who does on site installation and repairs.

What we cover

  • The seven frames to use in a client conversation and why they matter
  • How to frame a conversation with a client or prospect like a boss
  • How to maintain control of a conversation no matter what!
  • How to handle customer complaints and have fun
  • How to have challenging client conversations without fear
  • How to handle basic sales inquiries like a pro
  • How to handle pricing inquiries without talking price
  • How to ask for money like an experienced debt collector and much more..

From the moment the event concludes attendees will be more confident when engaging with clients or prospects.

Confident conversations are enhancing the client experience, retention rates rise. More clients are onboarded and margins increase.


When putting this event together we realise that when most people attend an event limited action is taken and it is a waste of money even sending them. For this reason we have extended the learning FOR LIFE and will conduct two follow up events so we can workshop how it went for the attendees and to assist with conversations that may not have gone to plan.


This is how we can guarantee results. Because at the end of sixty days if the attendee is not more confident in client conversations we have a money back no questions asked guarantee. And we still train them for life. The only proviso we have is that they have completed the homework from the event and turned up at the 14 and 60 day follow up events and joined the Sales Cardio® Training hub.Results are all about accountability and action.

What is included for each participant

Inclusions Value
An initial LIVE two hour interactive group event $499.00
A confident conversations workbook $25.00
A LIVE 14 day group follow up (30-45 minutes) $250.00
A LIVE 60 day group follow up (30-45 minutes) $250.00
LIFETIME ACCESS to the Sales Cardio® Training Hub $1499.00
LIFETIME ACCESS to LIVE group coaching $2995.00
Total $5518.00 crossed out

You pay $499.00 pp

Your investment in your team

The investment you are making in your team is $499.00 per person (plus GST) that reduces to $429.00 per person should you have 10 attend. The simple guide below lets you know your total investment based on the number of team members you register.

Next step

Event is held on the first Wednesday of every month at 1.00pm AEST

Registration requires no credit card details. Once registered an invoice will be raised and sent for payment. If you want to talk with one of the team about a private event or have questions, contact us to book a 15 minute conversation.