Ready to go all in?

Improving your level of sales fitness takes effort and dedication. This is your opportunity to work with us one on one… are you ready to go all in?

For those who have a specific sales objective and would like to go all in with one on one facilitations, these are the most common ways to get you and your team sales fitter and stronger:

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New talent

We remove some of the pressure around onboarding new sales talent with a 90 day facilitation that is a combination of online and one on one coaching.

On average it takes 11 months for new sales talent onboarded to your organisation no matter their prior experience.

Imagine if your new sales talent (based on experience and industry knowledge) can hit the ground and be achieving KPIs and revenue benchmarks after 90 days?

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Small business

For solopreneurs, start up or post start up business who may not yet have a sales team this monthly facilitation will help get your sales process and scripting on point so when you do pitch, you close.

A 90 day facilitation.

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All In Intense

For organisations with sales teams but who don’t yet have a sales manager we help performance manage and set KPIs for your sales team.

We engage with them one on one weekly to assist your team reach their sales goals while training the business owner on the effective habits of sales management. We also facilitate and run an hourly sales meeting / training session monthly.

This facilitation runs for 6-9 months.

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All In Scale

The basic Intense programme plus we assist you identify and employ new sales talent (not we are not an employment agency, we help from interview process stage).

We assist with setting effective position description and KPIs then help train the new talent to that with 90 days they are on the road hustling for business.

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All In Sales Fit

Includes the first two all in programmes but now we also assist with sales strategy and blueprints, new product launch scripts, quarterly on site strategic visits and the weekly facilitations with your team on a one on one basis double.

Pitch deck

A pitch deck is an essential way to sell for many businesses and over 60 days we assist you write and develop your pitch deck with intrigue and the content required to have people paying attention.

Would one on one facilitations improve the level of sales fitness of you or your business?

Who knows but I would be curious to understand a little more about your business and find out. Let’s invest 15 minutes, worse case we get to know each other.

skin in the game

If you commit to going all in, to doing the work we commit to going all in too. Your level of sales fitness will rise, I guarantee it.

By the conclusion of our facilitation you will be converting more leads, revenue will be rising and you will have an effective sales process. And if not my guarantee is simple. Your money back.