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Your facilitation is ending and you have a decision to make, Do you amp it up or wrap it up?


You have completed your MASTERING YOUR SALES PROCESS workshop, a Sales Cardio Event.

You now have the framework you require to create a sales process of logical next steps where you are selecting your clients, they are not selecting you. You understand the importance of status and expertise and can craft a script that shows your clients how good you are, without telling them. You can frame conversations and prize yourself and your business.

For some of you, you have everything you need to enhance your sales process, our journey will end here. If this is your path you are never you are never completely on your own, check your email for exclusive access to ongoing support including monthly coaching calls. I urge you to take action on your sales process and implement your learning as if you leave it for more than a few weeks, momentum lost.

For many attendees, you have not come this far only to come this far and may be curious as to what it would look like if we continued to work together. To assist with your back story, your expertise piece, your prizing statements and constructing a next step process that will underpin your sales process for many years. To have us work with you to develop a sales strategy with KPIs and give you some individual coaching.

Well, it’s a sprint, the duration of which is up to you.

While each sprint facilitation will be unique to your business, the structure below will give you a guide as to what we will work on together.

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Choose your sprint

30 Day sprint

  • Review current sales process
  • Modify if required
  • Overlay I-CARDIO framework
  • Assist with origin story
  • Assist with expertise pitch
  • Develop client selection criteria
  • Develop prizing statements
  • How to use time in your sales process
  • Identifying and solving sales
  • Issues and roadblocks

60 Day sprint

The 30-day sprint plus
  • Review process once used
  • Review email outreach
  • Setting more appointments
  • Reviewing sales budgets and targets
  • Developing action based KPIs

90 Day sprint

The 60-day sprint plus
  • Developing an annual sales plan
  • Monthly individual coaching call with maximum of 6 talent
  • Monthly 60-minute team sales strategy session
  • Accountability matrix and action
  • Review performance

Numbers are limited

To ensure the integrity and performance of the sprint series we limit this facilitation to a maximum of six organisations at any time. As a result, commencement dates may vary depending on workload.

Skin in the game

The sprint series has a money back “skin in the game guarantee”

If after 90 days you are not satisfied with the results that have been obtained, providing you and/or the team have attended all facilitations, a portion of your investment (30%) will be refunded.

On your marks, get set...

If you are intrigued by the concept of a sprint facilitation and would like to “amp things up” rather than “wrap it up” – click the link and let’s discuss what a next step may look like.