The Sales Acceleration methodology brings together three foundations, nine pillars and twenty-seven disciplines that accelerate sales in any business.

In an easy to understand, easy to-implement modern approach.


This proven methodology has been implemented by over 750 businesses and 2000 salespeople worldwide, generating over $150M in combined revenues.


You will start noticing results within 48 hours of the intensive.


Within two weeks you have a blueprint and a cadence for success.


Within four weeks selling is not the challenge it was.


Within six, more sales, more cash and a sales team that is crushing it.

6-week accelerator overview

the experience

The 6-week Sales Accelerator is a hands-on event where you will immerse in your sales process, roll your sleeves up and start creating more sales, more cash and a sales team that crushes it. 

1. Two-day intensive

To kick start the Sales Accelerator, you join me for a 2-day intensive.

The event is split into 2 x 2.5-hour sessions over concurrent days. 

You will learn the foundations of sales acceleration, achieve clarity on where your biggest sales wins will come from and have high-impact strategies you can easily implement in your business.

Sales acceleration will commence on day 1.

2. One-on-one coaching

Following the intensive, we will conduct a one-on-one session to create your blueprint for the next 6 weeks.

You and anyone on your team will be clear on how we are going to achieve sales acceleration and each team member’s role.

We have another one-on-one session after 4 weeks. 

3. Weekly sales acceleration coaching 

Every Thursday at 8 am Melbourne time, our weekly group coaching commences.

We discuss and workshop any challenges or roadblocks you may be experiencing and solve them in real-time. 

There are 6 weekly sessions to attend.

4. Outcome

More sales

More cash 

And a sales team that is crushing it


What we cover

  • The 3 foundations of sales acceleration
  • The 9 pillars diagnostic process
  • The 27 acceleration disciplines
  • A sales blueprint
  • Action items
  • KPIs
  • Developing a sales mindset
  • Prizing and framing
  • How to have confident conversations
  • Client selection
  • Discovery process
  • Sales process
  • Establishing status
  • Status tip offs
  • A pitch that intrigues
  • Whats changing
  • Experts solution
  • The close
  • Neediness
  • The client closing the deal to you
  • Tension is the chemistry of sales
  • Micro commitments
  • Ghosting
  • Accountability
  • Sales rythmns
  • Constant improvement
  • Selecting and onboarding sales talent

skin in the game

If you commit to going all in, to doing the work we commit to going all in too. Your sales WILL accelerate, I guarantee it.

By the conclusion of our facilitation, you will be converting more leads, revenue will be rising and you will have an effective sales process.

Sales will be accelerating

If not my guarantee is simple. Your money back, 100%, no questions asked.

Worst case, you get to work with us for 6 weeks on your sales process for free!

Would a Sales accelerator event create more sales, more cash, and a sales team that is crushing it in your business?

Let’s jump on a diagnostic call and find out!