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A sales team that is crushing it

Martin Eade

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There are three reasons why businesses and sales teams fail to hit sales targets and crush their sales goals.

….. And there are nine steps that when implemented will turn things around. Nine steps that have businesses winning deals faster than what they thought possible.

Every business has the ability to accelerate sales growth. 

You would not be in business if you did not have a sales process that already works. 

Start with what you have.  

And accelerate. 

The key to sales acceleration is diagnosing each step of your sales process. 

Identifying the areas to improve and work on where your quickest wins will come from. 

While acknowledging where your process is strong. 

And leveraging these areas to help you go faster. 

Upskilling your business and your team with the latest sales techniques. 

And creating a sales process that leads buyers through a process of logical next steps. 

That results in more sales, more cash and a sales team that is crushing it. 

Explanation of questions


What are the two biggest sales challenges you are facing right now?


If you were to solve these sales challenges what does that look like? 


Are you committed to solving these sales challenges?

If you wrote “yes” we may be a good fit to work together, let’s find out.

“Business owners understand the importance of sales.

Yet 82% of businesses that do not survive report it is due to poor cash flow.

A lack of sales.

It makes no sense because of everything a business does.

Sales is the easiest to master.

It just takes a little effort.”

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Martin Eade –
The Sales Strategist

Martin won his first sales gig at 13 years old and has spent over forty years being part of and leading sales teams.

Along the way he represented NZ and competed at world championships and commonwealth games. This time as an elite athlete pivotal in helping him develop the foundation of the sales process you see today. 

Martin is an author, world traveller, lover of fine food, cancer survivor, and champion of positivity. 

Today his Sales Accelerators have impacted over 750 businesses and 1500 salespeople across the globe. 

From solopreneurs and startups to billion-dollar multi nationals his facilitations have generated over $150M in combined revenues. 

Martins’ enthusiasm and love of sales combined with his relatable no bullsh#t approach, help businesses to generate more sales, more cash and a develop sales team that is crushing it. 

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