2024 Olympian program

Are you ready to win more often?

2024 Olympian Program

Sporting Olympians compete at the highest level every four years.
Business Olympians compete at the highest level every day.

Sales is a game, a high-stakes game.

The buyer is your competitor, who is trying to put you off your game.

To achieve a competitive advantage, to win.

The Olympian program is for committed businesses and

salespeople who seek constant improvement in their sales game.

Who are determined to reach a level of sales success never achieved.

Then accelerate.

If you are receiving this data sheet you have already qualified for the program.

Not everyone does so, well done on your commitment to improving your sales game to date.

What does the Olympian program look like:

Everyone sells and no matter how big your team, everyone is included in all aspects of the Olympian facilitation (with the exception of the half-day events)

A team is required to create an Olympian, so everyone on yours has access.

In 2024 our coaching ranks will be bolstered giving you and your team access to Martin Eade as well as other highly skilled sales coaches trained in the Accelerator methodology.

On this one-to-one call we dig deep, ascertain where you are now, and where you want to be, and create a blueprint on how to get you there.

Each week you and your team will have access to the acceleration calls – duration 60 minutes. Come prepared with your sales-related question and roadblock and have it answered.

No need to stick around for the duration if you are busy, jump on, get what you need, and go implement.

Each month we will jump on a call with you and your team to debrief the month just completed, review the numbers and reset the business and the team for the month ahead.

Every eight weeks we run the intensive sales acceleration event over two days. As part of the Olympian program, anyone in your team can jump on as often as they like.

This is ideal for new talent that may be onboarding in the business also.

If anyone on the team requires extra assistance and support to tackle a problem workshopped in weekly call but not resolved, a 1:1 twenty minute tactical call is available.

Daily support can be accessed via two portals, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Do you have the commitment and desire to be part of the Olympian program?

Who knows but I would be curious to understand a little more about your business and find out. Let’s invest 15 minutes, worse case we get to know each other.

skin in the game

If you commit to going all in, to doing the work we commit to going all in too. Your level of sales fitness will rise, I guarantee it.

By the conclusion of our facilitation you will be converting more leads, revenue will be rising and you will have an effective sales process. And if not my guarantee is simple. Your money back.