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Since the dawn of civilization, we have not witnessed a transfer of power from sellers to buyers as we have experienced in the past ten years.

A shift that most businesses are unaware of. But you will be feeling the effects.

Competition is up, pressure on margins is intense, spending on lead generation is up.

One of the most important sales metrics, lead conversion rates, are down.

And when salespeople do close it invariably turns into a negotiation.

If this was not challenging enough, throw in a global pandemic.

Today buyers hold more power than at any time in human history and for the past 10 years they have been getting fitter and stronger.

Whilst most businesses have stood by and watched.

The result?

Today seventy percent of the purchasing decision of the buyer is made before their first message or call with your business.

This is up from forty percent in 2015 and it is forecast to rise to ninety five percent by 2025.

And if on that first interaction your sales team cannot pitch in a way that holds their interest or they do not get some clues as to how awesome you and your business is.

Deal lost.

Now they will only do business with you if it suits them.

Price, terms, free stuff.

But imagine if your sales process had been to the gym and worked out?

Imagine you have developed into a sales fit business where the buyer closes your deal to you.

Where discounting is a thing of the past.

Where you select your clients, they don’t select you.

Where your lead conversion rate rises.

Where selling is fun.

Where you are the prize!


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If you were to solve these sales challenges what does that look like? 


Are you committed to solving these sales challenges?

If you wrote “yes” we may be a good fit to work together, let’s find out.

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Martin Eade –
The Sales Strategist

Martin has spent the past 40 years leading, inspiring and training sales teams.

From his first sales role collecting money as a thirteen-year-old to today, closing multimillion dollar deals with the largest companies in the world his passion for sales has never wavered.

Despite the many challenges faced along the way.

The many sales slumps, the 2008 global financial crisis and the ongoing pandemic of the 2020s which changed the way buyers buy overnight.

Anyone can sell in the good times but when the chips are down and the pressure is on, when you have to make a sale to pay the rent, these are the lessons that develop a winning mindset.

And today while he still sells capital equipment via zoom in the USA he devotes ninety five percent of his time to help performance manage and provide sales training to sales teams around the world.

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