Effective selling in the 2020s starts with CARDIO


Control the frame

To be effective in sales in the 2020s you need to first understand and then implement frame control.

Before I learnt about frame control I was already successful but frame control took me to the next level.

Within months of fully comprehending and utilising the tools I learned I was closing multimillion dollar deals and have never used price as a negotiation tool again.

Not once.

Frame control is about discovering how to set boundaries with prospects or customers that always positions you and your business as the prize.


Act with heart

“People like to deal with someone they like”. This is rolled out every day in sales facilitations around the world and it is true however being liked in the 2020s is not enough.

Acting with heart is about being honest and telling the truth, giving the buyer your honest opinion and being ok if they walk away.

It is also about practicing empathy, listening intently, asking questions so you can fully understand the pain point or problem that is being faced.

And once you are standing in the clients shoes only progressing the pitch it you can improve the buyers life or make the world a better place.

Act with heart - Always


Reveal your status

As a human species we have evolved to pay attention to someone with status.

Having status in a sales conversation is critical as in sales if you cannot demonstrate early in your pitch you have status buyers will become dis interested and stop listening.

You have not given the buyer any reason they should pay attention to you.

Most sales pitches attempt to establish status at the end when it is too late.


Display expertise

No one wants to talk with a sales person yet everyone will allocate time to be with an expert.

Once you understand the pain point or problem of the buyer (Act with Heart) you now have an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.

To talk about the pain point or problem with authority, to delve deep into the problem and what you know about it.

To create the certainty in the minds of the buyer you have solved problems just like theirs hundreds of times before.

That for you their problem is no big deal.


Intrigue with stories

Selling is all about storytelling and a great story has a set up at the start, then intrigues people into wanting to know more, they become curious.

And then reveals the solution at the end.

Our croc or mammalian brain has a short attention span and if you are telling potential buyers what they already know, revealing the solution too early or telling a story that has no context your deal is over.

Your pitch needs to be intriguing, fascinating, compelling, and different.


Own the process

Always own and follow your sales process which is a logical laid out series of next steps.

From the moment a buyer enters your sales pipeline with a phone call, a message or a personal visit what is the next step, the micro commitment a buyer will make to you that advances then to the next step?

A strong sales process makes the buyer feel safe and secure, they get the feeling you have done it before and a logical series of next steps ads to the buyers sense of certainty.

Without a sales process you have no way of knowing what is working and what is not and while many businesses sales processes will be somewhat unique but consist of 6-10 stages.

How would we start working together?
First answer these questions...


Would you like to increase your sales conversion rate?


Would you like to increase your profit margin?


Would you like to eliminate sales discussions that focus on price?

If you answered YES to any of these we may be a good fit to work together and the first step is to check out more details on this site and apply to attend my signature Sales Cardio workshop.

Once you graduate from the Sales Cardio workshop and understand the basics of heart based selling a range of options present for us to work together. 

This can be one on one, with your team or on a permanent or temporary basis. Before we consider working one on one though we get to know each other in a group workshop environment, make sure the content resonates with you and I see how committed you are to growing your sales.

Become the expert

When you start pitching to a buyer by being nice, asking about their weekend they know you don’t care, you just want their money.

When you roll out the features and benefits of the product or service you offer the buyer has experienced this technique hundreds of times before and they can shut you down in an instant.

If you delve into a discovery call and ask “set up questions” the buyer know you will use their answers against them later on. Their defences go up.

If you start telling them how good you are, that you are number one, that you are the best in your field, the most trusted brand, it is boring, you have lost their attention.

The solution - Stop being a salesperson and become an expert

SALES CARDIO is not for everyone

If you are not serious about improving your level of sales fitness or that of your organisation then Sales Cardio is not for you.

We work with individuals and businesses who are committed to improving lead conversion rates, serious about eliminating price from any negotiation, increasing revenues AND who are prepared to do the work.

And for those business Sales Cardio will get results – we guarantee it.