Private workshop or custom event

We do offer a private corporate workshop that will be tailored slightly to have more relevance to your business and your industry.

At a private event we can host up to 20 team members at a time as they will workshop and provide feedback in groups rather than individually.

These events are interactive and fun and priced at $8990.00 Incl GST ($449.50 each based on 20 attendees).

If you wish to discuss a private workshop for your team book a sales fit strategy call with me now. Should we decide to go ahead the cost of the call will be used as a credit towards the event.

Before you book, please ensure

  • Our company is serious about increasing conversions, sales and profits
  • I have multiple sales talent I would like to have attend
  • If selected I am committed to taking action
  • If selected I commit to making each participant available for a follow up “sales mastery” call within 7 days of the workshop.
  • If selected I am prepared to hold each of my team accountable to the KPIs they set during the workshop (no more than 3)

If you have answer YES to all five questions, book your call now.

Private workshop or custom event

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