8 November 2021

Empower your team

You have the ability to empower your team.

When I started out selling there was no qualification in sales.

Apart from listening to those around you, you had to figure it out on your own.

Only the strong survived.

The sad thing is 43 years later there is still no qualification in sales and you are still left to figure it out on your own, and everyone in your business sells.


Imagine if you could empower your team and everyone in your business had the skillset to start a sales conversation, handle a customer complaint, talk with clients.

Imagine if you could empower your team so the anxiety many of them have around sales and negative customer feedback was gone.

Imagine if it was replaced with certainty and confidence.

I get asked all the time if I could create an event that will empower your team (for those attending who may be new to the business or starting out in sales).

An apprentice, a builder, an electrician, a hairdresser, a fitness instructor, a receptionist, a trainee.

Something engaging, something fun.

Something for those who occupy “non selling” sales roles.

Accounting, logistics, manufacturing, marketing who are all equally essential to the client experience.


Imagine they could talk with a prize frame authority that created certainty in the mind of the buyer they were in the right place.

When collecting outstanding accounts, advising buyers of delivery or project delays, engaging them in the manufacturing process or asking for referrals,

Imagine if everyone in your business could sell


Introducing what business owners have been asking for.

Sales Cardio “walk before you run” program is for the 95% of all sales people, future leaders and business owners who, like I did, start out with no sales training at all.

This 90 day facilitation starts with a 90 minute workshop where your team will learn:

  • How to have fun when selling
  • How to talk with buyers without feeling anxious or nervous
  • How to present themselves and your business as the prize
  • How to handle “what’s the price”
  • How to handle common objections
  • How to deal with a customer complaint
  • How to instigate and look forward to challenging conversations


And above all, how to become part of your sales team.


Like all Sales Cardio events this is more than just the initial 90 minute workshop.

Included is 90 day access for all participants to the Sales Cardio Training hub, a private facebook group where questions and asked and feedback given.

Participants can also attend live group coaching calls where they can interact live with Martin and workshop real life situations as they occur.


And the investment required to empower your team ?

Sales Cardio “Walk before you run” 90 day event is only $90.00 Per Person plus GST

Or for multiple attendees

1-5 team +$90.00 PP +GST

6-11 team $82.00PP +GST

12 + Team $75.00PP +GST


Events take place on the first Monday of every month.


Private events for teams of 10+ are available by request.


To register your interest email us at events@salescardio.com.au