29 August 2020

How can I increase sales?

Looking to increase sales?

How can I increase sales is a common question that is tackled by sales workshops, sales seminars and sales training courses around the world.

There is a whole industry, of which the Sales Strategist is a part of that sets about assisting businesses to increase sales.

And no matter which company or facilitator you choose, investing in sales training is a heck of a good start.

The question of how can I increase sales will vary depending on your business, your market, your product, the sales skill level of your team and many other factors but the biggest thing I see is….

A lack of a sales process

So many companies will pick up the phone, visit a client or have an interaction without a sequence of “next steps” that you take your client through that involve micro commitments from your client to advance them through your funnel and sales process.

A sales process that from the initial phone call only focusses on the sale, with a bunch of activity in between is no way to increase sales.

Depending on what product or service you sell, your sales process will look different, selling a $150 000.00 piece of capital equipment will have a different process to a $2.0 million dollar luxury home or a $300.00 skin care treatment.

But they will all have a process that could be from 4 to 20 steps for complex deals that take months to close.

And if you do have a process and deals fall apart, you know exactly where the buyer disengaged that during the de-briefing process can be addressed and fixed.


A sales process, if you do not have one is a great place to start when you are asking yourself how can I increase sales.

I would choose a sales workshop, sales seminar or sales training course who can work with you post event (and there will be many of them) as perfecting a process will require work and commitment from you and direct one on one facilitation from the Sales Strategist you work with.

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