24 August 2020

Why Sales Training Fails

With such an abundance of sales training courses, sales workshops, and sales seminars available why is it that some sales courses work while other sales training fails?

The answer of course is complicated, the facilitator may not resonate with the audience, the attendees are not committed to the process, the course contents are old or outdated but in my experience there are three main areas to look for when choosing a sales programme that will greatly reduce the likelihood of sales training fails.

1. Select a sales training workshop with a structured follow up programme.

Attending a sales workshop is great start but unless it includes some degree of follow up chances are the benefits of the course will be short lived. Any new technique you learn, in anything requires repetition, practice and accountability.

If you can find a sales Workshop, a sales seminar or a sales training course that has one or more of these it has a much higher chance of success.

2. Select a sales training workshop with direct one on one feedback.

Sales is a personal thing but there are some premium workshops that have smaller groups that enable the facilitator one on one interaction with the participants giving them the ability to help you with your custom pitch.

Not only is this highly relevant to your business it keeps you engaged during and after the event and will significantly reduce the prospect of making the list of sales training fails.

3. Select a facilitator who is actively selling in todays market (that is not a sales training course)

In 2020 the world changed as did the way we sell. If your facilitator is teaching and workshopping techniques from 2019 the chances are these may be relevant but not effective as they have not been “battle tested” in your marketplace.

A sales facilitator who is pitching, persuading, influencing and selling in the same market you are engaged in will have extremely relevant and tested techniques that will work.

If you can find a sales workshop, sales seminar or sales training course including these three criteria it has a high chance of increasing your sales.

If not, this is why sales training fails

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