29 August 2020

How do I overcome a price objection?

Looking to overcome a price objection?

How do i overcome a price objection is the most common question that sales people around the world would ask And it is as a result of the most common question buyers ask, and  it would be asked millions of times each day. Its almost the mating call of the buyer!

“What’s the price”

Answer the question and you are left trying to overcome a price objection before you even start. Sales Workshops, sales seminars and sales training courses will then arm you with a bunch of techniques to overcoming the price objection but by then it is too late.

If your buyer is talking price then you have not created enough certainty in the buyers mind that you are a good fit for them, the process then becomes transactional.

The buyer now has all the power, the result normally being heavy discounting, extended terms, reduced margins or all three.
The price objection has now hit your business where it hurts.

Business owners it is time to take your power back.
The simple premise is a mindset and a way of communicating that filters through every sales discussion you have with a client.

I choose to deal with you, you don’t choose me.

“If low price is what you are looking for, great, tell me, I will help you find it”

“If you want cheap that is not what we do, let us know how that works out for you”

“If price is your most important selection criteria we wont be a good fit for you”


The Psychology of selling is more important today than ever in human history as if you know how to communicate you know how to sell.

A sales workshop, sales seminar or sales training course that can assist you with your pitch, to see yourself as the prize and that will create certainty in the buyers mind is far more effective that a bunch of pre canned responses to a price objection.

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