10 August 2021

Honesty – The secret to sales success

Honesty – The secret to sales success

Honesty is the secret to sales success and here is why.

If you have ever been trying to buy a product or service and you encounter a dishonest sales person you know it, you feel it.

They are trying to manipulate you in an attempt to get your money so you either get out of there, fast, or you fight back, only agreeing to terms if it suits you.

However in sales if you are honest, if you tell the truth it will not be perceived as selling, manipulative, conniving or needy.

The truth can only be known as one thing.. the truth.

The buyer will then respond to you as your only goal is to find a solution to their problem.

Being honest in sales is about speaking your truth.

If you think your client is off track or is incongruent be honest and challenge them.

If you do not believe the client will be a good fit for your business, be honest, let them know.

If you don’t think your product or service will solve their pain point or problem, be honest, advise them why.

Being honest is the ability to speak your truth and walk away from any business deal as Just because the client is not a good fit today does not mean they won’t be next time.

I have experienced this countless times over the sales journey as the times you say no to the client, this is not for you, there are better solutions available, you are not ready for this solution yet, when you are honest.

The next time they are interested in a product or service guess who they call?

Because they can trust you to be honest, to tell the truth even if it is not in your best interest.

And that is the true power of honesty.


VIDEO LINK – Honesty in 60 seconds