30 August 2020

How do I use zoom to increase sales ?

How do I use Zoom to increase sales ?

In 2020 our world changed forever and with it the way we do business, smart business are asking “how to I use Zoom to increase sales”?

For 36 years I have been travelling across the city, the state the country. Sometimes around the world to visit clients and sell, Qantas loved me !

Now travel is out for the foreseeable future but I still have a new market in the USA to establish on behalf of an Italian manufacturer. I have been forced, like you, to pivot and I love it.

So how do I use Zoom to increase sales ?

I look at it like this, Zoom allows us to bring our buyers to us. It enables us (business owners) to control the agenda and it gives us the control it can be difficult to achieve in some corporate HQs.

Here are some tips to increase status and sales via zoom

  • Embrace new technology like Zoom.
  • Invest in a “store front” your zoom backdrop is now, in my view equally as important as your website.
  • I hate virtual backgrounds, they don’t work and look cheap.
  • Do not conduct a zoom meetings with animals, kids, spouses.
  • No backdrops that are lounge room, open doors or kitchens.
  • Invest in a professional zoom “studio” for under 5K you can be set up.
  • If this investment is beyond you make it about the sound, get a great headset or external mic and don’t rely on a $20c microphone in your laptop.
  • Send email and or text reminders to your client.
  • NEVER be late on a zoom call.
  • NEVER wait more than 5 minutes.
  • Limit your calls duration.


Get to the point – be direct “Hey so we don’t waste anybodies time let’s get to it and to utilise our time together I will be direct”.

If the buyer turns up to the call and they are in a café or noisy space where neither of you can concentrate, re schedule.

When you follow these simple steps you will have exhibited a high degree of professionalism and established status as someone who is serious about business.

If you would like more information like this check out this blog on how i can increase sales.