12 April 2022

Hiring new sales talent – how I f#@ked it up.


So you are considering hiring new sales talent ?


I have been employing sales talent for over 30 years and initially I was not great at it.

In fact I was a bit S#@t.

I would employ new salespeople and expect they knew how to sell.

I would give them some basic training and set them loose.

Then get frustrated at the lack of effort, the failure to get results.

Then a moment of clarity.


I realized that I was the problem.

I was selecting the new talent

But then I was setting them up to fail

Through a lack of training,

A lack of direction

An absence of accountability and leadership


Lesson learnt


Fast forward twenty years and do I always get it right?

Hell no

But my successes now far outweigh my failures.

And as my process improved so did the new talent that I onboarded.

And my selection and onboarding process is tight


It is important to note I am not a recruitment company

I am a business owner and sales professional who has been involved in employing and onboarding sales talent for thirty years.

I am not suggesting this is the only process to successfully employ and onboard great new team members.

Employing  sales talent is not an exact science!


But hopefully you can learn from the mistakes I have made avoid F#@king it up !


I have created an e-book that encapsulates all my learnings over 30 years which is yours free by clicking the link https://thesalesstrategist.com.au/selecting-sales-talent/