6 September 2022

Sales superpower

Does your team possess this sales superpower ?

If you are competing at a chosen sport, about to deliver a speech, perform surgery, or attend a job interview one thing has a major impact on your performance.

Self-belief, a prize frame mindset, it is a sales superpower.

Does your team have it?

A successful sportsperson thinks they are going to win

An engaging speaker knows they are going to crush it.

A skilled surgeon believes the most difficult operation is achievable.

An outstanding applicant knows they are the best person for the job

Most of us would be exposed every day to at least one post, email, conversation, or program that mentions the power of mindset.

Yet in sales, the largest single profession on the planet, self-belief is lacking across the board from sales novice to thirty-year veteran.

This sales superpower is one thing every one of us has the ability to change and the one thing that will improve the performance of anyone who sells for a living.

And there are over a billion of us!





This is an interesting question that I have thought about as I have witnessed it in every business I performance manage and coach from single person solopreneurs to billion-dollar multinationals.

Firstly, we have the young who have just joined the workforce, and in my experience anyone under the age of around 25 falls into this category.

They have been told what to do all their lives, by parents, teachers, university lecturers, they have likely had a few poor buying experiences and have a less than positive outlook on sales.

Companies give their team some basic training and set them loose.

They are timid, shy, not confident, don’t want to appear arrogant and fear rejection.

Then we have those entering the sales profession from another role or at a more mature age and by and large they have the same issues as listed above but let’s throw in the fear of failure, the pressure and expectation of performance and some basic training if any.

They are uncertain, lack authority and expertise

And then we have the experienced salespeople, and they can range in experience from 5 years to many decades.

They have been in the hustle and bustle of sales for many years, and it is relentless.

Sales is not for the fainthearted, KPIS, budgets, cold calls, reporting, the constant monthly pressure of bring in the revenue for the business they work for.

And over time the prizing mindset, their sales superpower has been eroded without them knowing.



A women and man preparing their hands for boxing in a boxing gym with boxing bags in the background
A women and man preparing their hands for boxing in a boxing gym with boxing bags in the background

The thing about sportspeople is every time they enter the arena to compete, they have worked on their mindset, they have visualized victory, they have imagined success and have prepared through constant training so every time they turn up, they are at their peak.

Sales is a contact sport.

Constant training both in technique and the mind is essential.

It is a rare breed that have a successful career in sales as you always lose more than you win

You are always having to make cold calls, to handle rejection, to navigate through sales slumps.

That is why constantly providing your sales team, novice or professional with an awareness and training on the mindset of prizing is so important.



A soccer team celebrating on their needs in the middles of a field with a soccer ball in front of them

In every new facilitation I conduct I give myself a superpower and transport my attendees into the body of a super successful entrepreneur.

I ask everyone to imagine how the way they sell, the way they enter a conversation would change if they were Elon Musk?

(If you are not an Elon fan, think Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Opera Winfrey, Gina Reinhardt)

The answer is A LOT

And then I ask ‘So why are you not being Elon right now? You have the ability; it is just a choice”

And for the next 90 minutes we embark on a journey into the prize frame mindset.

If you want to change the sales game in your business work with your team on self-belief, on the prize frame mindset




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