29 November 2022

The process of pitching and what we can learn from Hollywood

The process of pitching (and what we can learn from Hollywood)


  • A  Hollywood movie, the Shawshank redemption
  • A top selling novel – The DaVinci Code
  • An awesome comedian – Jerry Seinfeld
  • A musical extravaganza – Phantom of the opera

Between them they generate 10s of billions of dollars each year by following a formula, a formula that has remained successful since the dawn of time.

Ask someone what their favourite movie or novel is, and they will likely struggle to choose just one.

And for most the reason the movie or novel is so memorable is the story that is being told.

How the characters are brought to life, the unexpected twists in the storyline.

All leading to the final action sequences where everything is revealed.

While Hollywood producers, script writers, authors, composers are paid handsomely to get it right, there are a high proportion of creative ideas that never see the light of day or bomb spectacularly.

And the reason?

Usually a poor story, the characters were weak, I knew what the ending would be, it was boring.

The difference between a blockbuster and a bomb

The story and how it is told.


We business owners and salespeople could learn a lot from Hollywood if we listened but for the most part we don’t.

We are blissfully unaware that the secret to our sales success we are watching most nights on Netflix, at the movies or in reading in  a novel before we go to sleep

The process of pitching is easier than you may think.



The process of pitching your business your product your service is all about telling a story.

And every business has a great story, a masterpiece and how you craft and deliver that story is critical to the success of your sales process.

How well crafted and delivered is your story?

And what happens when we put your story, your pitch in a busy world, in a competitive post Covid marketplace, how does it stack up?

What makes you stand out?

Does your story have clients paying attention and wanting more like a good movie or is it straight to video, no one really cares?


Every great story has these three ingredients, and everything starts with a setup, the foundations of the story, the structure.

Then intrigue is created to hold the attention of the reader, what will happen next, the hero is in harms way, you want to know more.

And then at the end, the big reveal.


Let me ask you all this, when you choose a new movie to watch do you Fast forward to the end and watch the last 15 minutes first?

When you purchase a new novel do you read the last chapter first


Because if you know the reveal at the end, why would you pay attention to all the rest?

AND THIS is the biggest issue that I see with company pitches and presentations, they are all presenting the last chapter first, it is all reveal and once you have revealed everything the buyer is no longer paying attention.


The process of pitching – Creating your content.

The set up

A Hollywood movie or a bestselling novel story starts with a set up

When a story or a pitch starts, and you are talking about you, wrong way, go back, not interested.

So Start with a big change in your industry

Technology, consumer behaviour, regulations, supply chain, interest rates, labour shortages, fashion, colours, environmental,

What is the big change in your industry and how is it relevant to the buyer

The process of pitching starts here.


The Hero

In the novel I wrote one of my favourite parts was the character development. I just loved creating a character. But any great character does not just start there right.

Each character has its origins.

It usually starts out when they are a kid.

And all heroes generally find themselves in a situation, something out of the ordinary occurs, they have a situation that they have to confront.

Maybe it involves a quest and at some point, in the movie the hero is tested, things go wrong and the hero is force to confront his demons and overcome.

No rise is ever complete without a redemption story, a metamorphosis occurs, and the change is apparent.

The hero triumphs over adversity.

What’s your story?

If you are a business owner, CEO, salesperson you have all have overcome challenges in your life, sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against you.

Every one of you has overcome adversity

What’s your story. Where did you originate

I love working with clients on their origin story, go back, all the way back and make it compelling.


The big idea

What else do you need to create a good story a good pitch?

Well, you need a big idea, what’s yours?

All stories start with a big idea.

A great movie starts with a big idea and not many ideas are bigger than Star Wars

The novel I wrote started with a big idea.

A big idea is actually not about you, your company or your products, it is an actual high stakes idea.

The Big Idea is an actual high stakes idea, it provides insight, simplifies something complex and captures a changing world

What is your big idea.?


While there is a lot more to a pitch than a set up, a hero and a big idea if you can write a pitch that encapsulates these basic pillars your pitch will be a lot better than 80% being delivered today.


How can you improve ?

If you are a business owner, CEO, salesperson of manager, what you are doing now is already successful. You would not be  in business if you did not have a basic framework.

But just how tight is it.

How well scripted are the stories you are telling your clients about you, your origins, your big idea, what is changing?

And can everyone in your organisation deliver your sales pitch, your story, your big idea with the same degree of confidence and surety as you can?

If the answer is Meh, no, hell no or I cant even do that then it is an indication there is work to do.

And no matter how successful you may or may not already be at sales, just by investing a little time and effort in your process and your scripting , it will yield big results to your bottom line.



I work with clients every day helping them construct their pitch which allows us to create pillar pieces we can insert into their sales process that has clients engaged, intrigued, and wanting more.

If you would are unsure how to get started, would like some feedback on your current pitch or just want help, click on the link and lets chat.



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