6 October 2021

What is frame control?

What is frame control?

Frame control happens below the surface of every business meeting you attend, every sales call you make, and every business interaction you have.

If you don’t have frame control you will be at the mercy of the buyer and then your success and the success of your business will only depend on their charity.

While many businesses have heard of frame control very few understand its power.

So what is frame control?


Point of view
A frame is a point of view.

Another person can look at exactly the same thing you are looking at through their frame and see something completely different (see image above)

There are millions of people in business and each brings a unique perspective, a way of looking at things, a frame to every encounter and when your frame and that of the buyer come together one will dominate the exchange, the weaker will subordinate.

And when these two frames come together they collide

And it is not a friendly contact it is a death match, when frames come together the stronger frame completely dominates the other and absorbs the weaker frame. That’s why it is called frame control !

If you and your partner have differing views on the importance of valentines day .. lets say you think it is a waste of time but your partner doesnt..

Frames collide and ask yourself who will win that encounter ?

And so much going on in the world right now.. vaccinate Vs anti vax two frames collide?

And in business what you may see as a 5 million dollar deal the buyer may see as two million of you are lucky.

When you have frame control people are playing by your rules, they accept your frame, your morals your pre suppositions and they accept your leadership

Frame control is the basis for all business discussions and interactions


There are DOZENS of frames in business but these are the most common.


7 frames

The 7 most common frames to be aware of

I will be posting a weekly BLOG on each of the 7 frames above, stay tuned.