20 October 2020

What is sales cardio?

What is sales cardio?

What is your passion, your driver?

Chances you have more than one?

Perhaps you love creating and building, inspiring and leading?

Maybe your passion is for marketing, for numbers, for beauty or fitness, maybe you are driven to raise a family, to teach.

No matter what your inspiration whatever it is you do, you will either be an expert in your field or on your way to becoming one.

But you certainly did not start out as an expert.

It took time and dedication, you had to constantly use and flex those muscles you were building so things became second nature, you were constantly improving.

Constantly resetting your highest ingrained level of learning.

Now, Just like an athlete at the Olympic games, when the chips are down and when you are under pressure things come naturally, you don’t have to think about it, you just do it.

And selling is no different

I can pretty much guarantee that when you established your business your thought process would have been bringing your skill-set and passion to the world and then you realise..

‘oh really, now I have to sell’?

The selling profession is the largest in the world, it is estimated ten percent of the global population, that’s over eight hundred million people!

All in direct selling roles and the irony is there is no recognised qualification in sales.

There is no bachelor of sales, no degree in persuasion or masters in pitching so, you are left to figure it out on your own.

You attend a few courses, check out some online advice and you are selling.

And some of you are naturals, like a duck to water but for a vast majority of business owner’s selling is a challenge.

It need not be

Sales Cardio is all about making what may seem challenging simple and effective and a word many do not associate with sales, fun.

It does not matter what level of selling skills you already possess,

It all starts with a sales cardio workshop.

A workshop for the business owner and as many of your team as you would like to bring along.

An inclusive workshop where you can learn and engage together.

You workshop your own business and work on your own sales challenges during the event.


Like any cardio program just flexing that sales muscle once is not improving your highest ingrained level of learning so the Sales Cardio workshop is a thirty day commitment.

  • An initial three hour live interactive workshop
  • Two live follow up group zoom calls to debrief your progress
  • Access to a private facebook group for facilitation feedback and
  • Direct email access for input into the KPI’s you have set yourself.

For maximum interaction with your sales cardio instructor, the workshop is limited to ten attendees or a maximum of five business units

(for example if the workshop has 5 different individual business owners the workshop is capped at this number)

By the end of your thirty day sales cardio program, if you have engaged in all the follow ups you will have increased your sales skills and your highest level of ingrained learning.

You will have already noticed an improvement in lead conversions on how you liaise with clients and how you respond in a way that prizes you.

After thirty days your sales cardio journey can end but for most who engage in a workshop and are already seeing results a transition into a more specific sales cardio program is the logical next step.

But that is a discussion for another day, first step is to get that sales heart pumping with a sales cardio workshop.