6 February 2023

What can we learn from Novak?

Novak Djokovic is a polarising tennis player.

Not as loved as Roger Federer nor as Flamboyant as Rafael Nadal.

But there is a high probability that in 2023 he will overtake Raffa as the most successful men’s player in history.

And he has achieved this all in an era where Feder and Nadal were dominating.

It has been no easy road.

Throw in the fiasco that was his expulsion from Australia over his Covid stance in 2022 and lack of match fitness from his withdrawal at other tournaments for the same reason, it appeared his hopes were over.

What can we learn from Novak?



Novak had three key elements he relied on to make his way back, three things that are also the foundation of a top salesperson.

His mind

His heart

His process

Armed with just these three things he thumbed his nose at the worlds tennis authorities and won his 10th Australian open and 22nd Grand Slam title in January.



What can we learn from Novak?

Selling can be an unforgiving profession, there is an adage “you are only as good as your last sale” and in Novak’s case “you are only as good as your last Grand Slam”.


What can we learn from Novak ? – Mindset

Mindset is the most important aspect of selling, without a strong mind, a determination to succeed, and ability to not see defeat as fatal, but an opportunity to learn and improve is essential.

When selling the client will throw everything at you, that’s what makes it worthwhile, that’s what makes it fun.

Few can imagine what Novak’s would have felt when he was deported from Australia in 2023 but his mind was strong, he knew he would be back.


What can we learn from Novak ? – Heart

The ability to get back up in sales after you have lost a big deal, you go though a slump, your targets are hard to reach takes heart.

Heart is the ability to keep going, to stay authentic and to speak your truth no matter what.

In selling authenticity is a superpower as you are one of a kind. Pretend to be someone else, act differently to get your numbers up – that never ends well. Clients can sense something is NQR and they resist.

Agree with his stance or not, you cannot help but admire Novak’s unwavering belief.


What can we learn from Novak ? – Process

A process

A logical series of next steps constantly repeated until it is second nature is the game plan of any high performing salesperson.

You rely on your process to get you to the top, and you rely on your process when things go wonky.

If you do not have a sales process, you are relying on luck.

And luck always runs out.

Novak knew his process was strong as he had won many grand slams before, it was just match fitness he had to get and the more times he practiced his process in match conditions the better he got.

Same in selling.

The more times you follow your process the more successful you will be come and importantly, if things don’t go to plan you can debrief and figure out why.

I guess anything is possible when you start believing and follow a process!


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