14 September 2020

Why would I ever sack a client?

Why would I ever sack a client?

Why would I sack a client ? That is a common question I get from businesses I work with when I raise this and a process is detailed in a recent blog what is your client selection process https://thesalesstrategist.com.au/client-selection/

And the philosophy is the same.

Sometimes you need to remove or sack employees who are not a good fit for your business, who wont operate within the framework you have set, are difficult or are culturally destructive.

Clients can be the same.

And this is why you should always be ready to sack a client.

When you choose any client your basic premise is “I wont do it for you, but I will do it with you”

This means we are in it together and no-one will work harder on your business than you.

But I will work as hard as you.

If you have set the framework from the start the client knows exactly what to expect so there should be no reason to sack a client.

However if they constantly miss deadlines, don’t do what they say they are going to do, fall outside the framework you have set then they are already saying to you “I am not as invested in this deal as you are”

They then get a verbal warning

“Hey look, we agreed on a strategy and a timeline and you are not living up to what you said you would do. I am considering terminating our agreement is there any reason we should continue to be working together?

Ninety percent of the time this assuredness and certainty will get the client back on track and, just like when you warn an employee they get the message.

Your business, your rules.

The client is thinking “You don’t need me, but I need you”

“I need you to solve my problem or pain and if I now don’t do what I have agreed to I will no longer have access to this expertise”

And that is why you would  sack a client