26 October 2021

The most powerful 30 words in sales.

The most powerful 30 words in sales


I have always sold premium products but it was in 2005 that I knew I had to create a script that would help me navigate the buyers initial question.

“what’s the price”

I was selling $70K product and my nearest competitor was $30K.

I got a lot of hang ups.

Over the years the script has been modified, tested, changed, and evolved into what it is today

In my view the most powerful 30 words in sales.


30 words that can change your business

30 words that will enable you to increase prices, eliminate discounting and increase your lead conversion rates.

Now when a buyer calls and asks that age old question “what’s the price” you cannot ignore it.

But you cannot answer it either as doing so gives the buyer frame control, the discussion then revolves around the price, the sales process is de-railed.

“Hey Mr buyer that is a great question and I will answer that no problem, before I do though I want to let you know”

And now come the 30 words

We are a premium product (or service)

We understand we are not for everyone

To see if we may be a good fit

I am going to ask you some questions


30 word script
30 word script


This 30 word stretch may seem innocuous but there is a lot going on, it is all about frame control.

You are telling the client up front you are not cheap, that you are prepared to walk away, that you are selecting them as much as they are selecting you and that you are in control of the questions.

If you use this 30 word script as part of your overall sales strategy in your business, in the first 60-90 seconds of all new incoming sales inquiries watch discounting reduce and lead conversion rates rise.


There are a number of frames that businesses need to understand, check out the blog on Frame control


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