10 August 2021

Empathy – a sales superpower

What does empathy mean to you?

You will have your own response and when I ask in my Sales Cardio workshops “What does empathy mean to you” the answers are usually similar.

Standing in someone elses shoes, feeling what they feel, understanding their situation.

All great answers and all correct but how do you demonstrate empathy in Sales?


A Greek philosopher Epictitus once said

“a man has two ears and one mouth so that he listens twice as much as he speaks”

Empathy in sales is asking questions and keeping your mouth closed, it is about drilling down to find out what the clients problem is and getting clear on it.

Its about understanding and then, communicating back to the client what they have just said.

So what you are saying is?

And then just for a moment you are standing in the clients shoes

listening is the cheapest and most effective concession we can make in any negotiation.

By listening intently you demonstrate empathy and show a deep desire to understand what the other side is feeling..

In addition the client tends to become less defensive and more willing to listen to other points of view when they are calm and logical.

Listening is not a passive activity.. it is the most active thing we can do.

We were taught to read and taught to speak.. listening is not waiting for your turn to speak!!!!


Empathy  in life is often described

In life never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.

Empathy in sales

Never sell anything unless you can improve the life of the client or make the world a better place.

VIDEO LINK – Empathy in 60 seconds