17 November 2021

What do Pilates and Sales have in common ?

What do Pilates and sales have in common?


Well more than you may think.

I recently got to spend time with the amazing team at Village Pilates in Sydney.

I worked with them to develop a prize frame mindset and create a more effective sales process.

During our time together I was also learning.

And I mean “wow” I had no idea that Pilates could treat and assist so many with a wide range of health issues.

From ACL tears to Sciatica, Knee replacement to Osteoporosis or bowel and lung cancer to conditions I have never heard of before.

The team listed over 40 conditions and they were just getting warmed up!

All this in addition to the health and wellbeing benefits that come with exercise and fitness.

One of the team summed it up:

She said “Martin, Pilates is an education in movement”

Thanks Monica.

That is what Pilates and sales have in common: movement.

Pilates is all about movement and so is sales.

If you are attempting to live a life without pain from a condition or improve your quality of life after an injury it is all about educating yourself to move, forward motion

Sales is the same as it also requires movement, forward motion, a logical series of next steps that will get you to your goal.

In Pilates if you don’t do the reps, if you don’t follow the structure, if you are not constantly seeking forward motion you don’t get better, fitter, stronger.

And in sales, in every deal if you are not always seeking forward motion, a meeting, a call, a logical next step a micro commitment from the buyer then it stalls.

The buyer goes dark, wont return your call.

All because you did not do the reps, did not follow the process, the structure the logical series of next steps.

So what do Plates and sales have in common?

Just like Pilates, Sales is an education in movement.

What forward movement are you taking today?


Interested to do some reps with your team ?



How sales fit is your business ?