31 August 2020

what’s the price ?

What’s the price?

This would have to be the most asked question of sales people around the world and on a lot of occasions they are the first words from the buyers mouth, the buyers greeting, what’s the price ?

If you answer this question you have nowhere to go, no power, no leverage, the client owns you, the deal is now transactional.

So how do you answer this question without upsetting the client and without mentioning the price.

Buyer – “What’s the price”?

Sales person – “Hey great question and happy to answer that. Before I do I will let you know ours is a premium product or service and it is not for everyone. To see if we may be a good fit to work together i will ask you some questions”

You are then asking questions of the buyer that will highlight their pain point and , to see if they will in fact be a good for to work together.

You now own the frame, the conversation and the power.

The buyer is not expecting cheap as you have mentioned “premium” product.

You have proven your willingness to walk away “and its not for everyone”

And people chase that which moves away

Use this technique the next time you are asked “what’s the price”

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